Choice 1 : Standard vs. Bladder vs. Underground Kit

Standard Kits are recommended for all above ground tanks. They are not recommended for bladder or below ground tanks. The standard kit will contain all the inline strainers and mosquito proofing to suit the tank you select.

Bladder Kits are tailored to suit bladder tank installations. Bladder tanks require a higher level of pre-filtration and differ in there connection. The bladder kit pre-filters the collected water to a finer level and contains low maintenance, self cleaning screens. Customers who wish to pre-filter there water more then standard can also use our bladder kit with all other tanks except below ground tanks.

Underground kits are specially configured for below ground tanks. The underground kit includes the leaf and mosquito screens to suit a below ground tank installation along with backflow prevention to stop the possibility of contamination through the overflow system. The Underground kit is only required for below ground tanks as many of the equipment included in the kit is not required for other tanks.

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