Choice 2 : Dry vs. Wet vs. Hidden

Dry type kits are use where your roof plumbing system runs direct from the gutter into the tank. The pipes drain out after it has stopped raining and do not hold water, hence the name ‘Dry System’.

Wet type kits are used where your roof plumbing system runs from the gutter, down the wall, underground and then up into the tank. The section of pipe that is below the entry point to the tank will hold water, even after the rain has stopped, hence the name ‘Wet System’. Wet systems are handy when you wish to connect multiple downpipes to a rain water tank but hide most of the plumbing underground or under the house.

Hidden type kits are tailored to below ground tanks and will allow wet type systems to be converted into a dry system. Aesthetically, the hidden type kit removes the need to install first flush devices on the wall instead placing one larger first flush device below ground, and out of sight. Our hidden type kit is also more economical for installations where more then two downpipes are to be connected to the tank.

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