Choice 3 : Base Kit vs. Add 1 Downpipe

The Base Kit includes all the fittings to mosquito and leaf proof one tank as well as one downpipe. The Add 1 Downpipe option is required for each additional downpipe you intend to connect to the rain water tank.

If you intend to install more then one tank, then you will need a Base Kit for each additional tank. When working out your requirements, remember to factor that there is one downpipe set with every base kit.

Some general examples,
For 1 tank and 3 downpipes, you would need 1 ‘base kit’ and 2 ‘add 1 downpipe’ kits
For 2 tanks and 3 downpipes, you would need 2 ‘base kits’ and 1 ‘add 1 downpipe’ kit

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