Choice 2 : Irrigation vs. Mains Backup
The second choice simply relates to the level of mechanical filtration applied to the water as it passes through the filter. Both the Irritation and Mains Backup kits on our website relate directly to the size of particles collected by mechanical filters. For drinking water filters, reverse osmosis, or whole of house filtration please contact us or complete our consultation request form and one of our staff will assist with your enquiry.

The Irrigation Kit will mechanically filter water to a standard far superior to that recommended by irritation equipment manufactures for drip irrigation and micro sprinklers. This will ensure your irrigation system is not blocked by fine dust build-up. The irrigation kit also removes the need for individually filtering your irrigation lines if they are permanently run on rain water. However, the irritation kit is not suitable for Rainwater Storage Solutions where connection to toilets and/or the laundry are to be made. These appliances require higher filtration levels.

The Mains Backup Kit is recommended for customers who intend to connect there rain water tank to toilets and/or the laundry. The Mains Backup kit uses the same filter housings as the irrigation kit, but the filter inserts will collect smaller dust particles then the inserts used in the irrigation kit.

The trade off between the Irrigation and Mains Backup Kits is the finer you filter the water the more you need to clean the filter cartridges. Thus, if a customer wishes to use a mains backup kit in an irrigation system, the water will be filtered to a greater level, however, the filters will need to be cleaned more often then if a irrigation filter kit were used.

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