Underground Kit - Dry / Wet - Base Kit
  • Underground Kit - Dry / Wet - Base Kit
  • Product Code:   I&O-Kit-UGK-Dry/Wet-Base
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Product Description

Underground Kit - Dry / Wet - Base Kit

A Inlet & Overflow Kit for all below ground tanks. A base kit is required for each below ground tank. This Base Kit includes all the fittings to mosquito and leaf proof one tank as well as one downpipe.

The 'Add 1 Downpipe' option is required for each additional downpipe you intend to connect to the rain water tank.

Guides to selecting a suitable Inlet & Overflow Kit
To make selecting the correct Inlet & Overflow Kit easier, we have standardised selection based upon your intended use. Please refer to each quick guide below which allows you to determine your requirements.
Choice 1 : Standard vs. Bladder vs. Underground Kit
Choice 2 : Dry vs. Wet vs. Hidden
Choice 3 : Base Kit vs. Add 1 Downpipe

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