Underground Kit - Hidden - Base Kit
  • Underground Kit - Hidden - Base Kit
  • Product Code:   I&O-Kit-UGK-Hidden-Base
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Product Description

Underground Kit - Hidden - Base Kit

A Inlet & Overflow Kit for all below ground tanks. A base kit is required for each below ground tank. This Base Kit includes all the fittings to mosquito and leaf proof one tank as well as one downpipe. This base kit also allows the first flush device to be buried underground and a wet system to be converted into a dry system.

The 'Add 1 Downpipe' option is required for each additional downpipe you intend to connect to the rain water tank.

Guides to selecting a suitable Inlet & Overflow Kit
To make selecting the correct Inlet & Overflow Kit easier, we have standardised selection based upon your intended use. Please refer to each quick guide below which allows you to determine your requirements.
Choice 1 : Standard vs. Bladder vs. Underground Kit
Choice 2 : Dry vs. Wet vs. Hidden
Choice 3 : Base Kit vs. Add 1 Downpipe

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