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Bluescope AquaPlate® Steel

Bluescope AquaPlate® steel is a corrugated metal specifically designed for use in drinking water tanks. A special internal lining differentiates AquaPlate® from other Bluescope metals commonly found in fencing and on roof tops. AquaPlate® steel tanks maintain there shine and colour longer then plastic tanks which will naturally dull and fade over the years.

Both Slimline and Round AquaPlate® tanks are available. AquaPlate® tanks are all made to measure to suit the clients’ individual requirements. The most common size range is listed below. Larger sizes are available upon request. Custom colours are also available should the client require.

To arrange for a consultant to help you select a suitable tank size, either complete your order with one of the tanks below labelled “made to measure” or complete our consultation request form. One of our staff will be in touch to discuss the available options.

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