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Under Ground Poly Tanks
Under ground tanks are the choice tank when the client wishes to install a tank in the most discrete manner. Under ground tanks can be installed under a driveway, garden bed, the lawn, virtually anywhere under ground. Another advantage of an under ground tank is the benefit of maintaining valuable space that would otherwise be taken up by an above ground tank. Below is our select range of underground plastic tanks. Under ground tanks can be interconnected to increase total storage capacity.

Underground tanks are governed by strict OH&S requirements. Tanked Australia recommends that only experienced tradespersons perform installation of under ground tanks.

Below are the two under ground tank styles we highly recommend at Tanked Australia. The Nylex and Tankmasta tanks are well constructed and suitable for placement under driveways and garage floors. They are a low profile design which means there is a reduced chance of striking hard earth material during excavation. If however, you are limited on space and require a tank that is deeper to install but smaller in length and width, then contact us and one of our staff will assist with other tank styles.

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