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Concrete & OSR Tanks
For new developments a combined rainwater and onsite retention basin can yield significant cost savings. Tanked Australia can engineer and install concrete tanks to suit your requirements. It is common to combine the first flush, rainwater tank and an onsite retention basing in one superstructure.

Below ground tanks are also discrete. Any number of finishing methods can be used to complete a tank installation. Common finishes include concrete pavers, sandstone, gravel and grass. Through planning we can also ensure the access to the tank is discretely hidden. No one will know there is a tank installed under your lawn or driveway.

For existing homes, concrete rainwater tanks are available as below ground concrete tanks that are constructed onsite or above ground concrete tanks that are prefabricated and transported to site. Above ground concrete tanks are suited for use in high fire areas where vegetation is in close proximity to the intended tank position. That is, concrete tanks resist fire for longer periods compared to polyethylene and steel tanks.

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