About Us
Tanked Australia came about as a result of a growing need for sustainable resource management. Our philosophy is sustainable development in urban environments. Tanked Australia delivers both off-the-shelf and custom solutions in the fields of rainwater and greywater harvesting and reuse.

Engineering Services
While Tanked Australia specialises in rainwater and greywater harvesting, our core services also include civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Tanked Australia has the capability to provide project design, management, installation, operation and maintenance. You can rely on Tanked Australia to provide the same degree of engineering experience and professionalism to our valued water harvesting clients.

The Team
The team at Tanked Australia have come from mixed backgrounds in engineering and construction. All our staff are experienced and available to work through your requirements.

We at Tanked Australia operate under the charter of delivering
  • Quick service to our customers
  • Reliable service and delivery in time-critical applications
  • Expert staff to assist our valued clients
  • A complete range of products and services to the rainwater recycling industry
  • A hands on approach by all our employees

So for your next Rainwater Storage Solution there is only one name you need to remember Tanked Australia “Your Rainwater Storage Solution Experts”.

Contact Us
Tanked Australia
PO Box 371
Leichhardt, NSW 2040
+61 2 9591 5941
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