Greywater at a glance
  • Reuse of grey water otherwise wasted
  • Saved water suitable for the toilet and garden
  • Requires careful design and planning
  • NSW Department of Health certified
  • Some systems have ongoing maintenance costs to consider
  • Contact Us for specialist information and advice that is specific to your needs.
A Greywater Recycling System is the perfect companion to a Rainwater Storage Solution. Water from showers, hand basins and the washing machine (hence the name greywater) is diverted to a self contained greywater treatment system. Treated water is suitable for use in the garden, washing machine, and flushing the toilet. The design of this system is strictly controlled by the NSW Department of Health.

Tanked Australia will need to perform a consultation to assess expected system loads before a recommendation of the best system to suit your requirements can be made. Tanked Australia recommends to all its clients to avoid undersized systems due to the lost potential of saving water. Conversely, avoiding an oversized greywater system is also recommended as problems with underrun processes within the greywater system would require more frequent servicing. More frequent servicing and operator intervention leads to a higher operation cost.

To book a consultation email, phone or fill in a consultation request form.

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