Rainwater Tanks

Available Rainwater Tank Styles
There are general overviews of the main rainwater tank styles below that will assist you in deciding on the style of tank that suits your needs. Clicking on the overview of a particular tank style will take you to the available tank designs for that style along with more relevant information. You can also use the navigation bar on the left to jump directly to your preferred style. If you are unsure of the most suitable tank style for your needs, complete our consultation request form and one of our staff will assist you with your selection.

Above Ground Rainwater Tank
The advantage of above ground rainwater tanks over below ground tanks is generally the lower cost of installation and the ease with which additional tanks can be added to an exiting system to increase its capacity.
Below Ground Rainwater Tank
The advantage of below ground rainwater tanks over above ground tanks is the ability to retain valuable space that would otherwise be taken up by an above ground tank. However, since below ground tanks require significant excavation and installation, they are generally more expensive then comparable sized above ground tanks for anything less then 15,000 litres. Our below ground tank range also includes our On-site Retention (OSR) tanks.
Underdeck Rainwater Tank
Underdeck rainwater tanks can be positioned under a home or deck for a discrete tank installation. The range consists of ridged plastic tanks with very low profile heights. Rigid plastic tanks offer the same benefits of below ground rainwater tanks without the excavation costs.
Bladder Rainwater Tank
Just like underdeck tanks, bladder tanks can also be positioned under a home or deck for a discrete tank installation. However, bladder tanks also offer the advantage of being able to be physically rolled up similar to a pillow case, carried through a small opening under a home then unrolled for installation.
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