Stormwater Pumps & OSR

Stormwater Pumps & OSR
Tanked Australia carries an extensive range of stormwater and dirty water pumps for use in onsite retention and sewer discharge systems. Our range includes

Control Panels

  • Single, Dual or Multi pump panels
  • Single or Three phase
  • Standard or Tamper proof screens
  • Customised control panel options


  • Electric or petrol
  • Standard pumps, Class 1 Zone 2 pumps or full stainless steel pumps
  • Stormwater drainage pumps, vortex impeller, cutter pumps, drainage pumps or vertical multi-stage pumps

Our most popular sellers are the single and dual pump control panels with stormwater pumps for use in onsite retention. We also make it easier for plumbers by pre-packaging the non return valves, gate valves and pump connection kits. Once again Tanked Australia is your one stop shop.

Contact us or complete our consultation request form for one of our staff to arrange a kit to suit your flow requirements.

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