Filtration Kits
Filtration Kits
Water filters are usually installed just after a pump to collect fine particles floating in collected rain water. The use of filtration is recommended where drip irrigation, micro sprinklers or toilets are to be supplied from a rain water tank. Water collected from your roof will contain fine dust particles. Over time, the build up of these particles in sprinklers, toilets and drip emitters can cause blockages.

Tanked Australia carries a comprehensive range of filters, filter cartridges and accessories. For a complete list or for assistance customising a kit for a non-typical application contact us or complete our consultation request form for one of our staff to contact you.

Below are two guides that explain our standardised filter kit selection process. Please refer to each quick guide below which allows you to determine your requirements.

Guides to selecting a suitable Filtration Kit
Choice 1 : Filter Size
Choice 2 : Irrigation vs. Mains Backup
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