For Tradies
At Tanked Australia we know how difficult it is to arrange all the equipment and materials for a project since we carry all the products ourselves. That is why our tradies pack has been so well received. Tanked Australia offers all our trade clients the ability to specify a connection pack to accompany the tank and pump delivery. Thus saving you time arranging the plumbing, filtration, signage and leaf screens. All packs are packed to your request. We can include as little as the filters and leaf screens, or include the pipes, fittings and even the pipe saddles and nylon plugs. Tanked Australia carries all the material to make it a truly one-stop-shop.

Services to Trade Customers

  • We carry all the products you need for a Rainwater Storage Solution
  • We carry a comprehensive range of stormwater pumps and prefabricated pits and tanks
  • We tailor the connection pack to your request
  • We will work with you to determine what your requirements are
  • We can deliver to Melbourne and Brisbane next business day and in most cases same day in Sydney
  • We can liase with you, the home owner, builder or client and help to determine the tank and pump requirements as well as the requested filtration prior to arranging the tradies kit to your requirements
  • You can use our 6 Steps to a Rainwater Storage Solution page and package a complete kit right away

Visit our contact us page or complete a consultation request form to arrange a consultation, provide us with valuable feedback on ways to improve our service or to speak to our staff.

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