6 Steps to a Rainwater Storage Solution
Our 6 Steps to a Rainwater Storage Solution is designed to help guide you through the selection process. As you progress through every step there are helpful selection guides that will assist you with your selection.

Our standard key used in each product section has been done in such a way that it makes it easier for you to choose the correct product without understanding the technical aspects of that product. The guides will allow you to determine what size, class or type of product you need through general descriptions. Our staff have pre-matched the general descriptions to the products that meet the technical requirements.

If at any time you wish to speak to our staff, contact us or complete our consultation request form for one of our staff to contact you.


6 Step Selection Process
Step 1: Select a Tank - Select the tank that best suits your space and aesthetic requirements.

Step 2: Select a Pump & Controller - Use our pump guide to determine the correct pump and controller for your needs.

Step 3: Select a Filtration Kit - Use our filtration guide to determine the correct size and type of filtration kit.

Step 4: Select the Inlet & Overflow Kits - Pre and Post filtration will increase the quality of water collected and stored. Mosquito proofing will stop the breeding of mosquitos within the tank.

Step 5: Select the Connection Kits - Our connection kits use plumbing fittings that require no special tools or skills.

Step 6: Select your Accessories

After selecting your products, checkout and complete as many details as possible in the checkout process. Our staff will look over your selection to ensure all your options work together. Then we will contact you to confirm delivery availability, tank colours and answer any of your questions before we process your order.

It is that simple. Happy Recycling ...

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