Grade 5 - Irrigation - Submersible Pump - High Flow
  • Grade 5 - Irrigation - Submersible Pump - High Flow
  • Product Code:   Pump-G5-I-Sub-HiFlo
  • Warranty:   2 Years
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Product Description

Grade 5 - Irrigation - Submersible Pump - High Flow

The HiFlo design of this pump produces the same pressures as the non HiFlo version. However, it can deliver an additional 25% flow allowing a greater number of irrigation lines to be run simultaneously.

Recommended for large or complex irrigation systems where multiple zones will be run simultaneously.

A pump that will deliver pressures greater than regular town water pressure to the furthest tap on a large family home. This pump will deliver towns water pressures to multiple taps simultaneously as well as high levels of flow. The high flow and pressures from this pump will allow the use of up to 7 irrigation lines simultaneously. This pump is also suitable for the customer who demands the highest level of pressure from all there taps no matter how large there family home. This pump is also suitable for your hand watering and car washing needs.

Submersible pumps are recommended for all underground tanks. Submersible pumps are suitable for all tank styles except bladder tanks.

Guides to selecting a suitable pump and controller
To make selecting the correct pump and controller easier, we have standardised pump selection based upon your intended use. Please refer to each quick guide below which allows you to determine your requirements. Your choices of pump features from our selection guide will directly relate to the pump heading.
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